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Making branded 

commerce shine on 

the new

Complete relaunch of the international brand and selling platform with focus on creating a branded commerce experience. 

The brand pillars like "Extraordinary" and "Touch of Glamour" had to come alive and to the forefront in the user journey while making sure that sales are getting enhanced, especially on mobile.

Role: UX and concept lead

Team: Marina Herranz, Jens Manulat, Imran Sheikh, Carina Neumann, Yasushi Zonno, Daniel Righi, Anne Kuether, Stefanie Marquardt, Franziska Bittner, Mato Vujic, Isabella Nogueira, Celine Perrier, Nicole Krusche

Agency: Razorfish (Concept, Design, Strategy)

Example Screen - Home Page (Full length)
Example Screen -  Collection Page
Example Screen -Product Listing Page (Full length)
Example Screen -Product Detail Page
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