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Business owners and customers "GetHappy"

The "Get Happy"-app from Coca Cola Germany 

strengthens its ties to its business customers as well

as its end consumers; it is a B2B2C-app so to speak.


On the app users can search for restaurants nearby and find out about vendor's deals (e.g. "buy X 

beverages and get Y free"). During a buying process 

loyalty points can be earned in form of stamps which are stored on the app to be retrieved later on. Table 

reservations can also be made or food be ordered 

online for delivery. 


Businesses (Coca Cola customers) can sign up for a freemium model that puts them on the app or can upgrade to a subscription to gain access to more app services. A website with a B2C and B2B section serves as an additional in-depth information source.

Roles: UX Design, Concept, Strategy

Team: Anna Müller, Mona Vogel, Kristin Mitschke, Julian Kraske, Sandro Lanni, Frank, Julia Boehme

Agency: Razorfish (Strategy, Concept, Design)

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